Indian Muisc

Search sets, etc. of classic Indian music for Sequel. Who knows where I can find these “instruments”? Dhanyavaad Arnouxs

I want to Indian Instrument VST or VSTi for free

It looks to me like Native Instruments’ (discover series) India might do it. But they want $100. There are some Indian instruments scattered in HALion packages. I seem to recall preferring the ones in “World Instruments” and “World Percussion”. However, they are not clearly marked as Indian. For example, searching on Tabla turns up a HALion Sonic Artist patch classified as chromatic percussion. Even I know that there are about a dozen different articulations on Tablas, and this program doesn’t seem to care about it. OTOH, the NI version appears to map different articulations to specific keyboard notes. (I don’t own the NI software, I have not done more that a few minutes research.)