Indian notation

Hi folks.

Is there anyway to add a plugin of form for Indian notation?

What I’d love to be able to do is to have a staff that takes note names and outputs them into solfege with an option for Indian solfege (sa, re, ga, ma…)
also known as saragame. To take a staff and have an instrument translation that’s like tab but instead of numbers could output those saregama note names on a single percussion like lined staff. That would be amazing.

I assume that for now the only workaround is to actually add a single line percussion staff and add in lyrics with the saregama below.
Really, Indian notation ends up looking more like:


Ok, can’t really do it, but the rhythms are typically written as dots and dashes with underlined notes for lower octave and dots about note names for octave above. Slurs for ornaments, capital letters for major, small for minor intervals.

I expect this be a very small group of people interested in this, but it would be really cool to find a way to to it.

Welcome to the forum, gzapper. I’m afraid it’s not currently possible to build this kind of plug-in in Dorico. We do intend to add support for solfège in future, and hopefully we’ll be able to add support for Indian solfège when we do so.

Thanks, Daniel. Solfege with Indian options would be great. It would be a massive job figuring out how to redo rhythmns in their dot dash manner and understand it would be a super small market request, so would be happy with solfege. I tried doing it with lyrics but you can’t add dots and dashes. Even for me this is just one project that will keep me busy for a year or so, so not something I’d expect to use that often myself.

By the way, loving Dorico so far. Coming from Finale into Sibelius it just makes so much more sense. Congrats, its a massive job doing a new program but it must have also been satisfying to start with a clean slate and a great understanding of how it should be done. It really shows in how consistent and clear the interface and operation is, its just so much more satisfying to use.

Thanks very much for the kind words. It means a lot when customers take the time to express their appreciation. Thank you!