Indian Summer

Sorry to inundate but I thought I’d get your comments on this one.

I should have posted it in the fall.

nice track again ,the opening chord reminded me of tom waits 16 shells or whatever its called .wow ,some great tunes ,if frank zappa wasnt dead i`d swear it was him. nice recording aswell and easy on the ears ,i thought drums were a smidge tame .but excellent stuff ,great vocals and guitar well done.

Bad ass song man… DIG IT!! :laughing:

love the song…thanks for posting

Luv your style and your lyrics are always very clever and interesting, wish I could write lyrics as good this…Kevin

Hey thanks for your comments. I’m a fan of yours.

Great lyrics and like was said mix is nice. I like where the drums are and the Bass (is that you) is perfect. 1/2 notes what a great concept lol

Yeah, interesting song. The guitar lick between the vocals is catchy. Chuckled at the line “you lost your girlfriend to a drummer.” An enjoyable listen, nice and light-sounding. Well done.

Wonderful little piece, very cohesive and effective :sunglasses:

Not that it matters, but your voice sounds eerily like someone I recall from yesterday… can’t place it, however