Indicate Palm Mute In Tablature?

I’m using Dorico Pro 4.0.10.

I have produced a tablature score and wish to indicate to the player that four bars should be played using a palm mute. I have looked in both the 3.5 and 4.0 manuals but can’t see how to notate this in the tab, I’m sure Dorico must have a means to do this.

Can somebody please point me to the correct manual location.


I suppose this is a Playing technique — not sure it’s there by default although I would say it is. Playing techniques are on the right panel in Write mode, the icon is a bowing indication. There should be a guitar section.

If P.M. is the abbreviation for Palm Mute, the indication is in the Playing Techniques for Guitar. As far as I can determine, it has a Playback technique (direction) associated with it that has an effect in NotePerformer but not HALion. .

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Thanks guys, as you both said found it in the Playing Techniques of the right toolbar. Selecting the four bars in question then pressing PM gave me the palm mute annotation I was looking for :smile: