"Indicate shift to next note" option is missing for fretted instruments

I realized that the option “Indicate shift to next note” in the new “Fingering and Positions” menu is only available for string instruments. I don’t see a reason to exclude fretted instruments from this new feature. I’m using Dorico mostly for classical guitar scores and it would be nice to have it. Will it get added soon?
Speaking of classical guitar notation. Will there be fret positions and barré markings in the future? At the moment I’m using normal text and pedal lines which already looks quite nice. But it’s quite frustrating to set the position of every line and text. And it would be nice to have more options, f.e. dotted lines, the relative position of the fret number to the line and a vertical line under the number to indicate the length of the barré.

Thanks for your feedback, DuskPiano. Does the fingering shift indicator have the same function in guitar music as it does in music for violin etc.?

Yes. Here is an example that uses many shift indicators.

Right, I see: but those are a little different, because they’re drawn inside the staff along with the left-hand fingerings themselves. As I wrote in my blog post today, the challenges of guitar fingering were beyond what we attempted to handle in this update. When we come to tackle guitar fingering properly, we will be sure to include support for shift indicators.

I’m glad to hear that. Thank you for the quick reply! As for now, I will just change the instrument to a string instrument and go along with the wrong positioning as it’s a lot faster to input.

If I label an electric guitar as a violin just to make use of the position shifting, the string assignment option will probably be messed up, right?


You can’t fool Dorico that easily, I’m afraid: it doesn’t show those options based on the label of the instrument, but rather based on what the underlying type of the instrument is, which you can’t affect by changing the label drawn in the score.

Hi Daniel,
Thanks for chiming in!
What I meant: I start a player as violin, but input my guitar part instead. The string assignment will follow the violin obviously, so the position shift mechanism won’t work, correct? Obviously, I could label the staff anything I like later, right?
Couldn’t you implement string assignments for notes just for the left hand of the guitar? I know you don’t do workarounds, but for the time being this would go a long way!

Cheers, and congrats again for a great update!


Yes, Benji, you could certainly input the guitar music on a violin staff, but because the strings shown to you in the Properties panel will be the violin’s strings rather than the guitar’s, you may or may not be able to make the string fingering shift indicators appear, depending on the specific notes and strings involved.

Hi Daniel, I really appreciate your Input!
I guess what I’m really after are added String indicators for guitar staffs, in order to be able to show position changes for the left hand only. Which would be fine for the time being and for a plectrum player!

Thanks a bunch and have a great Advent Season,