Individual Console Track Widths

I remember back in the day, you could set individual track widths in the mixer
RME used the same features and still do
(the little green arrow down bottom right lets you fold the track to narrow minimal width)
Has that completely disappeared now as I cant see it mentioned in the manual etc

I can’t remember that was a feature in Cubase in the past, so it isn’t now, although I would appreciate it. Therefore it’s more of a “Wishlist thing”.


Was deft in VST32 which is what the RME looks a bit like


Is this a feature-request? If yes, add the optiona feature-request tag, please.

Well it is now I guess :slight_smile:
There is often a lot of people saying…“great idea” or whatever but no one really votes it seems

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The Discourse forum voting system is flawed imho. You’re only given a small number of votes (actual number of votes depends on your so called “trust level”) and most forum members who has been around for a bit ran out of votes a long time ago. If someone would like to vote for a new feature request but have no more votes left, they would have to remove an existing vote. I actually did just that the other day thinking I would free up a vote that I could place on a different topic but that didn’t happen. I just lost the vote. I believe the reason for that is that my trust level got bumped down at some point and my maximum allowed number of votes with it.
Secondly, I doubt the votes placed have much impact on Steinberg’s decision on what new features to implement. Here are all threads in the Cubase forum sorted by number of votes.

Well that makes things really clear and Im not trying to be arrogant etc but that is a horrid list of priorities as far as pro daw goes
Get rid of onboard efx etc; there is more than enough already and if peeps are still thinking they need some magic wand…just use what is there well.
Integrate vst into channel strip

Above all
Get the absolute smoothest navigation and systemisation so that peeps who use it professionally can get muscle memory on it…thats how creative freedom happens, basic psychology, it needs to be played like an instruments

Get everything solid before going any further. Im often on SX3, it is incredible, so solid, never crashes…wish it was current as the reliability is just so nice.

So based on the list I just saw and not a lot of basics in there (at the top) Im done with wasting my time tbh with feature requests but I appreciate you letting me know.

Ill just hack what I can and keep it to myself unfortunately…I actuall need to make money as well.


Yeah it started with SX

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The whole mixer (today named MixConsole) was rewritten for Cubase 7 and this functionality was removed.

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Well…it was a very nice little feature for sure
I really noticed its absence in large projects. Combined with visibility configurations, it would be a nice thing to have back.


Nowadays you can set the width of all channels at once and the channels could be much tinier than before.

Sure but the point is really, that at diff times of the mix, volume is the only thing you are concerned about for some utilities eg VCA and subgroups esp when doing final automation passes for macro dynamics
At times like this, to be able to show just the faders and meters would really clean up the space and declutter eg

To be able to move them to the end with mix busses as a narrow element would be great; it is then engaging UX paradigm of focus and background during the workflow which is helpful just by itself

Also have a ‘blank’ mixer element so you can separate track groups in the console would be nice.


You can use the Visibility and the Agents. You can use the Workspaces to call the Window Layout.

Its probably lost in the translation
I use all those things and they are toll

(sorry I use 4 screens)

This is the UI navigation I installed, this is realtime with 1 finger navigation on a keypad; just wish it mirrored in the mixconsole

Scoll Folders

However all mixers share the same configuration

It really believe this small detail would benefit; just based on UX as mentioned. Sometimes its about psychology to really hone things and that is hard to communicate and some things just need a separate level of detail in the UI; narrow track widths provide this.