Individual dynamics for voices

I’ve searched and tried numerous options, but I cannot get get dynamics working when applied to individual voices.

In the attached example I’m trying to get the inner voices in the 2nd measure to be soft. I held alt down while applying the dynamic to the Ab on the right hand. However, on playback, all 4 voices are p.

What am I doing wrong?
Voice and Dynamics (311 KB)

Unfortunately this is not yet possible, but it’s something we absolutely intend to support in the future. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Hope it will be candidate for v2.0.10 as I’m also struggle to make the sound of the melodic part (Voice2) to play louder than the chords…

In the meanwhile you could use the Filter option to copy the second voice to an additional staff to control the volume for playback but keep the extra staff hidden in your printed layout.

It’s not going to be included in the forthcoming update, I’m afraid. Implementing this is a big job and not something we have been able to tackle in the few weeks since Dorico 2.0 was released.

Sorry for rising the deads - but while we are waiting for v3 - I REALLY wish for a piano piece - at least to be able to control the volume of the Bass Clef (heavy chords on the left hand) to be much quieter than the Treble Clef (the melodic part).
In much of the compositions I compose it sounds really bad on playback due to the fact that the left hand plays chords (several notes on the same time) and on low register - while it sounds so rough! - while the melodic part sounds much quieter because it is only a single note and in higher register.
PLEASE save me all the time of copying the left hand to different staff and hiding that staff for each song.

You can do this if your piano samples respond to MIDI note-on velocity for dynamics (which is usually the case, but NOT for NotePerformer).

Select something on the bottom staff, create the dynamics with the popover, and press Alt-Enter instead of Enter so they only apply to one staff. You can hide the dynamic marks using the options panel if you want.

Wow! I didn’t know about this option!
THANKS! :smiley: I’ll try it tonight!

Thanks for making this possible! However, it needs to be clearer in the manual, and if possible, in the UI (both how to input it, plus an indication afterwards, and preferably a property to toggle).

The input method for independent dynamics is consistent with the input methods for independent time signatures, key signatures etc., and as far as I’m aware no mechanism exists for converting an independent one to a global one, or vice-versa - meaning a toggle would be futile.
That said, it’s a +1 from me re: the manual. It could be clearer that the caret is necessary for independent voice dynamics.

I’ll pop ‘making an earlier mention of needing to be in note input for voice-specific dynamics’ on the to-do list. (It is already in the topic, but in the step to do with pressing either Return or Alt-Return, so a word at the start would be a good idea.)

Happy new year Lillie. I don’t know quite how you’d go about it, but it seems to come up every now and again that somebody tries to Alt+click a dynamic to a note, thinking that that will make the dynamic specific to the voice of that note. You and I know that that’s not how Dorico works (and presumably it can’t, given it’s entirely possible to have noteheads in multiple voices overlapping), but I feel that that point could do with emphasising.

How can I copy/paste dynamics to specific voices?

I’m not sure you can, I’m afraid.

can it be an option for future upgrade? thanks

Does this also work for different instruments in a 5-line unhitched percussion staff? So far it hasn’t for me, but I may well be doing something wrong. I’m transcribing a score which notates cymbal and bass drum on different lines of a staff, with different dynamics, and I haven’t been able to make it work yet.

Try changing your percussion layout to single lines (staves) for the individual instruments and applying your dynamics there. They will not appear when you combine the instruments back into a grid or five-line staff, but dynamics for the individual instruments are best applied to the individual instruments on separate staves.

Personally, I agree with this, but the score I’m editing has it otherwise. So I guess what I want can’t be done. Thank you for the response.

You should be able to add dynamics to the five-line staff presentation and then flip them above or below the staff using F as necessary.

Thank you, Daniel. But can there be two different ones simultaneously, one above and one below? That’s what I was trying for, so far without success.