Individual mixer channels missing "listen" midi map

In cubase 12 I had my midi control surface set up so I press a button on that channel and it would enable/disable listen for that channel. 1-8 all had their own button, and I could jump in blocks of 8 along the mixer by pressing another button.

It seems now the option to map “listen” for individual mixer channels to their own button in cubase 13 is no longer available, and you can only do it for the selected channel with a shared button. You can solo and mute individual channels just like before, but listen has been removed as an option to map in the mixer section, and I can’t find it anywhere else by searching for the function “listen” when setting up my midi mappings.

This is what it looks like for solo … and how it used to be for listen too

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In Cubase 12 the Functions Browser in the Mapping Assistant looks the same, as it is in Cubase 13 if you search for Listen. So, how did you make the assignment in Cubase 12, please?

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Hi, Listen is not available in CB12 either as a dedicated function for each track, as we can see in this screenshot, which is the same in CB13:

What we have in CB12 and CB13 is the Edit→Listen which we can use in conjunction with the Selected function of the channels, and I recall implementing this using scripting, however it DID cause some issues and I abandoned the approach of select-then-listen, and kept the Listen alone.

Maybe you used another approach that no longer works in CB13?

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I’m sure I had the option to assign listen for individual channels in CB12. Maybe it was an older version of 12 (and not the latest), but I distinctly remember setting it up and had it working without the need for any scripts or anything. That’s why I noticed it when updating to CB13, as I couldn’t get the same functionality that I had previously set up with my midi controller. It’s a pain now having to select the channel before being able to flick on listen, I used to have a dedicated button on every channel of my mixer for it as I used it so often.

I’ll have to install some older versions of 12 and find exactly when the functionality vanished, but it for sure was there at some point. I moved from CB 6.5 to 12 a couple of years back and when I set up my mixer with the new device panel thing where you can recreate your device facia within Cubase and map all the buttons etc. is when I first mapped the listen function to the individual chans, so it’s not like it was from CB11 or before. I set the mixer up in the exact same way I did last time in CB 13.

Ah, this is possible, sure. I’ve upgraded to CB12 after the 0.5 version if I recall correctly.

That’s so odd, I checked Cubase 12.0 and the option isn’t there. I’m starting to question my sanity now xD. Maybe I did use a script then … I’m gonna go check CB6.5 now just to make sure it’s not from there. Maybe I dreamt it and as I wanted the functionality so bad I actually created a memory of me having it! That’s so weird lmao. I have a vivid image in my mind of when i set it up. I must be mis remembering setting up a script and the only bit that stuck in my mind was the image of the listen option in the mixer chan section (which isn’t a thing lol).

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