Individual Mixer View of Dorico 4

Hello dear Dorico specialists, since version 4 it is no longer possible to adjust the width of the mixer to the project. With version 3.5, you could adjust the mixing console exactly to the project in order to have an overview of all instruments at the same time (for example on the right screen). Then the mixer would be correspondingly narrower, as with Cubase, but with the entire overview on one screen. With version 4 this is no longer possible. With a large number of instruments, this causes the mixer view to spread across both screens, obscuring the score. It would be desirable to be able to adjust the mixing desk exactly to a screen again, and to be able to adjust the width of the mixing desk exactly to the number of instruments. In addition, it would be helpful to be able to automatically save the set mixer view with the project. This has been possible with Cubase for a long time: when loading a project, the mixer view last saved is always shown. I hope for the next update…

Right click and drag on the edge allow it to be resized both ways for me.

That’s manual, but does it not do what you want to acheive?

Dorico 4.3.30.

Thanks Andro, unfortunately that doesn’t help me. I know this function, but I would like to be able to shrink the mixer horizontally so that all instruments can be seen at the same time, especially when there are a lot of instruments. As with Dorico Vers. 3.5, that worked fine at the time. With this, the channel strips get narrower and smaller, each fader gets narrower and smaller, and the full picture of the mixer fits completely on one screen.

We agree this would be useful and it’s something we plan to reintroduce in a future version, but right now I cannot commit to a specific timescale for the return of this capability.

Thanks Daniel, I am looking forward to the next updates and it would be great to have this feature soon again.