Individual Outs

Page 8 of the Halion Sonic manual says the following:

“…Halion Sonic loads in a stereo output configuration by default. However, you can use up to 15 additional individual outs in Cubase. This allows you to route all 16 program slots to a dedicated Cubase Mixer channel…”

it goes on to say:

"…To make these outputs available:

  1. Open the Instrument Window
  2. Click the output button for Halion Sonic instrument
  3. Activate the outputs you want to use
    Cubase automatically creates a MIDI track for each additional output and adds a channel to its mixer. You can now route Halion Sonic programs, layers or drum instruments…"

So the question I have (or rather the problem) is why is Cubase (version 6) not creating the tracks as it supposed to according to the manual? I opened the instrument window (which I assume is the VST Instrument Window). I added Halion Sonic and then clicked the output button. I chose to activate all outputs but Cubase never creates the tracks. It does create 1 track for me when I add Halion Sonic, but it doesn’t create the other 15. Obviously I am doing something wrong, but I just don’t know what. Any ideas?

Thanks in advance,

Just thought I’d let you kow it does work as it should in CS 5.5.2 ,so it probabably is something involving your setup and not related to the HALion Sonic program itself. Haven’t gotten C6 yet, but will give this a shot when I do.

weird, cause it doesn’t work for me on my other pc which is running 5.52 either. That one is a simple setup of cubase 5.52, Halion Sonic and nothing else. Perhaps I am not peforming the steps properly? Can you explain your process step by step to get it to “work”.

If you follow the steps you mentioned, it should work. Open the VST instruments window, find the instance of HALion Sonic you want to change, click on the the little “box with the right pointing arrow” (just left of the name ) click “activate all outputs” and all 16 channels appear in the mixer automatically. Sorry I can’t be of more specific help at the moment, but at least it confirms that it does work that way.

well now that I know based on your confirmation that I am at least performing the steps the right way, I can rule out not understanding the manual. So I’ll just have to take a look at preferences and other things to see if indeed there is a setting or check box or something screwy that I am overlooking.

At the end of the day however it’s just me being lazy. Obviously this isn’t a work stopper so until I find the reason it isn’t creating the tracks automatically I’ll just have to do them manually. I will post my resolution if I ever find it so others won’t have the problem I’m having. I really hate it when forum and discussion posters never come back and post resolutions. I thank you for your assistance thus far though.


Open the VST Instruments Window, load the HALion Sonic and click on the arrow-in-the-box kind of button to reveal the outputs menu (see attachment)

Thank God for you! Seriously. You have made my night. And Steinberg - good luck with whatever language you try next.