Individual Players Shown as Score

Another fine mess, which I have been trying to fix since yesterday, and I don’t know how I got there. It probably happened during the process of dealing with the tacet section for all players when I was attempting to add text, for which I received some guidance earlier.
First things first, though. Somehow in my layout I got each player represented by all the players, which now means that if I wish to look at an individual part, I instead get the entire score. I have been trying find ways to back out of that situation.

For the tacet, I do not wish to see staves, just Tacet in the box, which I did achieve a couple of times and since have not been able to get it back.

Finally, something I don’t think is a Dorico issue. When I open the current file I am working on, two windows with different views open up.

I was so close to finishing this until I started monkeying around to enter text for the tacet movement.

You somehow assigned all the players to all the layouts. You probably checked some of the boxes not realizing what you had selected at the time.

The quickest solution (especially if you haven’t spent time editing the parts) is to delete all the layouts but the full score and recreate them with Setup > Create Default Part Layouts.

A slower method that would preserve any edits you’ve made: Select all players but the one you want to keep in a layout, and un-check the box on that layout. Repeat for each part.

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Worked great, but I had to test to recover anything I deleted first. I was a bit nervous about the outcome.

Moving onward, after successfully recreating the correct players layout from the score, I am still puzzled why two windows with different views appear when I open the file. Finally, getting just Tacet to show instead of four empty staves in a system is the next order of business. I am having difficulty retracing my steps when I did it earlier before fouling things up.

For heaven’s sake, be sure to work on a copy of your file in case anything goes wrong. Based on your previous experience with this file, one might say you are experimenting (which is fine–a great way to learn) but you do not want to lose data by accident.


I usually duplicate a flow just for that purpose and label it test or something along those lines.

The project opens with two windows because the last time you saved/closed the project, it had two project windows open. Close the excess project windows, save, close - when you re-open, it should now have a single project window.

Here is information about tacets, including the situations in which Dorico just shows boxed “Tacet” text. For further information/steps for how to achieve the mentioned criteria, scroll to the bottom of the page and look at the related links; and/or watch the video embedded on that page.

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Thank you for all your help. After a lot of cleanup and layout adjustments, I am down to facing off with the final tweak, the tacet with text. I’ll let you know how that turns out.

Hurray! I made sure to make a copy prior to going through the process and at long last have a finished product. However, playback was affected and I am trying to get that back. Is it because I still have the tacet flow checked in setup? I went to play mode to check playback template, but it’s gray.

You appear to have deactivated Playback. Click the power button (above bar 7. It should turn blue)

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Oh, the ins and outs, the ins and outs. Thank you kindly.