Individual Plugin Quick Control assignment doesn't work

The usual VST-Quick Controls as defined in the Studio-Settings work perfectly. But as soon as I defined an individual parameter with the learn-function on the right side in the Inspector, let’s say I want to Quick Control the Pitch instead of the Gain with a fader it just jumps back again to control the Gain.

It seems, that only that standard QC from the Plugin work. But obviously I want an individual assignment.

What am I doing wrong?


To me it looks, like you mentioned VST-Quick Control, but in the Inspector, there is Trck Quick Control. If you change the value in the plug-in window, this is the Focus Quick Control. Please, use only one of the system.

Ups it’s exactly like this :laughing: Mouseover in the inspector tells “Track Quick controls”. But where can I set the Vst-Quick Controls" to in dividual Plugin Parameters?

I just realised that I have to set the VST Plugin Ctrls in the Remote Ctrl editor :pray:

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