Individual staff labels in score and parts?

Hi together!

I like “edit staff label” very much. It’s much more powerful than in other scoring-apps I know. But in some cases I would prefer different staff labels (instrument names) in score and parts. If I write a score in C I like to write “Bb-trumpet (sounds as written)” in the score and “trumpet in Bb” in the parts. Wouldn’t it be great to have the choice between several names for the same instrument - not only between full name and abbreviation?


That’s what this exact option is for. You can set it differently for the parts and the score.

Alternatively, you can show the LAYOUT name for the Part on the first page of the Part, and dispense with staff labelling, except for instrument changes.


Thank you very much for your quick reply. I didn’t see this possibility, and it looks quite good. But in some cases I prefer to add some extra-text like “sounds as written”, “klingt wie notiert” etc. That’s what I was looking for. With your solution I can omit the transposition in the C-score. This seems to be a good compromise. But nevertheless I would prefer to have a bit more freedom here.



Thank you for your quick reply. I just tried it out, and it works quite fine. I saw that in most cases I don’t need the instrument names in parts. I mixed up instrument names and layout names - sorry for that. And thank you very much.

I just wonder why Dorico does not write the transposition into the layout name automatically. Fiddling the flat-sign into the layout name is sometimes relatively boring…


For most instruments you don’t need to state the transposition. Nobody would make an alto sax in any key except Eb, for example. Trumpets are one of the few exceptions.

Look at my second screenshot above, and note how the second tab shows “Trumpet (B Flat)”. That’s the layout name for that part, and it’s not something that I’ve changed - that’s automatically generated.

Is there a chance that you’ve done something with the Layout Options that means that the instrument name is generated without a transposition, and thus the layout name too?

I‘m afraid you‘re totally right, pianoleo. I was fiddling around with the layout names before I really understood how things work. It‘s a long way…