Individual stave of a multi stave instrument won't hide

I’m trying to hide one staff of a two-stave instrument. I have the layout option set to allow this and it works for the first three flows, but then none after that. This is an xml import.
Any ideas?

Did you try to re-apply the instrument in setup mode? I. e. if your xml import was a piano, go to the older in setup mode, show their instruments, click on the 3 dots next to piano > change instrument > piano

This applies Doricos „own“ instruments to the player which it knows how to handle.


I was hopeful this would do it, but I still can’t hide those staves.

could you provide a cut down version of the project? It’s hard to diagnose from afar.

(one thing I forgot once: I excluded my piano from hiding all together in layout options. make sure that isn’t checked!)

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Are chord symbols set to be placed between the staves of grand-staff instruments in this layout? If so, I believe that prevents the bottom staff from being hidden.


And that was the issue. I feel slightly silly… Thank you both.