Individual volume changes not bouncing!

Hey! So I’m using cubase artist 11. I recently upgraded from studio 8. I’ve been working on al album and haven’t had any issues, until last night.
I bounced down a small portion of a song to show my friend what uve been working on. When I listened to the file (mp3 for ease of sending, on itunes) I noticed the mix was a little off. Some individual tracks were louder or quieter than I had adjusted them to be for this rough mix.

Long story short, after several other bounces, I realized that the bounces were recognizing my panning, but NOT the volume adjustments. The volumes on each instrument seem to be staying at they’re actual recorded volume, staying flat at whatever the waveform volume is. But only when I bounce! When I am in the file, I can adjust away as normal, no problems mixing in the mix console. But everytime I bounce the volumes are back to what they were. But the panning is correct. If I adjust the waveform itself, that will bounce. But for obvious reasons that’s not how I want to mix lol.
I’m not doing anything fancy when bouncing. Stereo interleaved, mp3, 44k, save to desktop… I don’t get it. There must be some option or button I am unaware of somewhere.
Anybody have any ideas?


Could you attach a screenshot of the Export Audio Mixdown window, please?



Sorry, I don’t see anything unusual.

What happens, if you export to the WAV, please?

So here’s what I’ve discovered.
Sometimes when I bounce a track, it is fine. Sometimes, it does what I described above.
The difference? If the track was previously bounced and played in iTunes. If I’ve bounced the track, played it in itunes, and then deleted the file to make changes and a new bounce, itunes still keeps the old file and plays the old file. (Even though my trash is empty.) So it seems to be a problem specifically in the itunes library.
And it seems to do this MORE with mp3s. Don’t know why that would matter. It’s like it doesn’t recognize the difference.

So long story short, if I delete the bounce not just from my desktop but from itunes, and bounce a new WAV, it is fine. So, I’m just gonna do that.