Indiviual Chord Transposition


I am trying to transpose chords individually in only one staff. I know how to change the key only for one staff, but it doesn’t change the chord.
I would also be happy to know, how to set up a transposing instrument.

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Are you talking about chords written out on the staff or chord symbols?

Do you really want the chords to be transposed for one player, so that one player is playing a completely different set of chords? Or are you just asking how to view the chords at transposed pitch? Try choosing Edit > Transposed Pitch.

I am sorry. I a talking about chord symbols above the staff. So I could have a guitar part that I play with the capo.
It would be enough for me to be able to create a transposing instrument.

On the very project, I could find a workaround, by using an alto Sax in thenGuitar Voice, because I want to put the Capo on the 3rd Fret.
But that works only in that song.
Is there anywhere, I can choose the transposition for a player?

You can use the new local chord symbols functionality for this (see page 20 of the Version History) but you’ll need to transpose each chord manually. A better solution for capo chords is planned.

Hi Pianoleo,

thank you for the answer. I must say, I am really astonished. Dorico is capable of really complex operations.
But it doesn’t have really essential functions, such as capo Chords, or a native swing symbol.

Dorico has still only been on the market for 40 months, and there are lots of things that it can do much better than competitors that, in some cases, have been on the market for 30 years. The team behind Dorico work tirelessly, but they can’t develop every feature that every user wants, instantly.

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This isn’t that common, but there are musicians that read transposed notes, but only want to see concert chord changes, regardless of whether they are playing a transposing instrument or not. Dizzy Gillespie (Bb trumpet) and Joe Henderson (Bb tenor sax) famously come to mind as players that only wanted to see concert changes on their transposed parts. An option to change the chord transposition of an entire system at once would be welcome in these situations or for a guitar capo in the OPs case.

We certainly plan to add support for capo chords in due course, but it’s not something that is currently supported.