Inexpensive Mixers with combined reverb and delay programs

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Any one can recommend an inexpensive mixer around 12-20 channel mixer with combined reverb and delay programs?

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I think the majority of budget mixers only allow one effect at a time - most of them will offer reverb or delay - but not both at the same time. Perhaps you’d be better off buying a stereo delay pedal on top of your mixer and hooking that in to the external effects bus?

It’s also hard to answer these questions without a budget being mentioned as one man’s “inexpensive” is another’s “bankrupt”.
In order of upward cost my choice at three price points would be…

~ 330 pounds: Behringer Xenyx QX2442USB, decent FX and pre-amps - can get the odd duff one.
~ 430 pounds: Presonus AR-16 USB, a good solid mixer with nice pre-amps, fx a bit average.
~ 540 pounds: Yamaha MG20XU, excellent pre-amps and effects - the one-knob individual channel compressors aren’t bad either - very nice sounding desk and those compressors can really gel the sound of a live band.

Or break the bank and get the excellent “Beringer X32 producer” a digital mixer with 8 (high quality) FX slots for just over a thousand pounds. individual gates, compressors (actually full channel strip) and (superb) fx, steepish learning curve but worth it. Okay just over a grand isn’t inexpensive - but it IS inexpensive for what you get, plus it can double up as a motorised-fader control surface for Cubase which then makes it a bit of a bargain!

Like PeppaPig I think you may have to buy a separate FX unit as well as the mixer to get two different effects at once. The Behringer range would probably suit the bill other than that, they have one FX and then as said use the sends for the other.

I can recommend Behringer Xenyx. I use this tool for 2 years and it’s great. Look here

Agreed, I have a Behringer X1222USB Xenyx which cost me £165 new - it’s really good, I use it for small gigs and open mic nights - can’t fault it really for the price. Oh and I forgot to mention my mixer does have a combined delay + reverb patch. Not as flexible as two separate FXs but it does the job well.