Infinite Brass/woodwinds microtonal playback?


For anyone owning these libraries, does Dorico 3.5 yet support microtonal playback with them? I read from some earlier posts that maybe only VST2 supports microtonal playback in Dorico, but has this been already updated?

Dear sakasuri,
You must have misread. Dorico supports microtonal playback with only VST3 plug-ins, not VST2. I understand Infinite instruments play on Kontakt, which is still VST2. I’d like to stand corrected here.

As Arne Wallander explained to me once, there is actually the ability within VST2 to have microtonal playback on a per-note basis without having to resort to pitchbend as a workaround. That is how NotePerformer handles microtonal playback while it is not a VST3 instrument. However, he also said that most sample players on VST2 do not actually support that infrequently-used part of the specification, and that it is possible that NotePerformer is actually the only virtual instrument that does.

Native Instruments is slowly moving their product line to VST3 - they have not yet done so with Kontakt.

So either Dorico would need to support microtonality via pitch bend in VST 2 or Kontakt would need to update to VST 3?

Or maybe Arne could share his knowledge of this VST 2 ability of microtonality to the developer of Infinite series (Aaron)?

I’m not sure that Aaron can do anything - he may be limited by what Kontakt supports, and if Kontakt does not support that feature, then there is probably nothing that Aaron can do to make it work.