Infinitely sustained MIDI note loop

Longtime Ableton/Logic user here. Cant find the answer I’m looking for in the Cubase or Nuendo manual, & I cant find any solutions here… So I ask…

How can I loop a MIDI note without it re-triggering a Note-On message at the start of each loop? In Ableton & Logic, you simply extend the MIDI note outside of the beginning & end points of the loop & BAM, DONE, INFINITE DRONE NOTE… I’ve spent 2 hours trying to figure out how to achieve this in Nuendo without any success. I’ve tried messing with the Chase Events preferences, Ive also tried looping a section within the length of a single MIDI Note but that doesn’t work either… This is driving me crazy. VERY MUCH appreciate anyone who can help me figure out what I need to do.

@KDMAUDIO Does your looped section end with CC64 open or closed? A sustained midi will carry back-over to the start if left open, and will start over if the end of the looped section includes a closed CC64 event

Sustain will loop:

Sustain will start-over: