[INFO] CMC Controllers after update to Cubase 7.0.6.

CMC controllers might not work correctly after you update to Cubase 7.0.6.
Example: CMC-QC,CMC- FD controllers.

Example of problem is that you can’t control EQ, QUICK, sends, Faders anymore? Jumping between certain tracks are not recognized example VSTI and Audio what ever. A big mess!!!

Other stuff is that hidden tracks get ignored that its hidden in the mixer view in use of banking with the CMC FD-controller. The MIXER doesn’t sync anymore!!!?

This is how to fix this!

  1. Go to Mixer-page “Top Right!”
  2. You see a arrow down. (Functions Menu)
  3. In “Functions Menu”, down end of the list you find something called “Link Mix-consoles”
  4. Activate it!


Now it works again!

Hope it help! :wink:

Best Regards

I do have the problems with CMC controllers after the update to Cubase 7.0.6
The “link mix consoles” did not solve the problem for me.

Back to 7.0.5 ?


hello, I took a week for about six pack, with MaBook pro
I upgraded to Cubase 7.6, I find the problem with CMC-PD:
selecting the Browser button, and scroll the presets vst-i is interrupted every 10 presets, I have to tap again and select the next preset with the mouse button and the browser will resume.
hello to all,
not reflected problems eq as quoted on your post …