Info for Avocet and TC Clarity users

I know several of us on here use the Avocet as our monitor controller, and I saw that several people also have the TC Clarity meter

I recently picked one of these up (Clarity M stereo) and so I made up the weird 9pin digital meter output plug that connects out of the back of my Avocet mainframe to feed into the Clarity, using the AES to SPdif adaptor which TC thoughtfully supply in the box.

It works up to 96K, so no need to use the weird USB and VST plug in in every or any audio app.

It also works on analogue sources selected on the Avocet remote. So everything I monitor via my Avocet, analogue x3 or digital x3 feeds the Clarity. Pretty sweet.

I’ve run my VU meters from the analogue meter feed on the back of the Avocet ever since I bought it, but I never figured I’d use the digital meter out.
Until now.

Pin out details are in the back of the Avocet manual


Yeah. I also had Dave Hill @ Crane Song make me a cable for the Avocet digital output. I use this to feed what I’m listening to on the Avocet back into my RME AES sound card which then feeds my hardware digital Dorrough meters, and my software Flux Pure Analyzer meters so that whatever I’m listening to on the Avocet (WaveLab, TIDAL, vinyl, Mac, etc.) is fed to the meters. Very handy.

I was surprised when I got the Grace m905 for my home setup that analog inputs are not fed to the digital meter outputs so right now I’m reviewing an RME ADI-2 Pro which is rigged up to convert analog signals (my turntable) to digital and back into the m905 via ADAT (the only port I wasn’t already using) so that I can at least meter analog sources too. A big oversight by Grace if you ask me. I’ll probably end up buying a ridiculous interface just to meter analog sources at my home setup.

I thought I’d use the digital input more on the Clarity M but I never do. I like the USB plugin option because then the LUFS levels are reset on each playback automatically because the plugin resets it for you.

And since both WaveLab and REAPER have Playback/Monitor FX, I never have to load or manage the TC Plugin. It’s just always there in the background. I have the TC Clarity M wired up to receive digital input I can’t remember the last time I did that. For me, USB is the way to go because of the reset thing and if I’m listening to TIDAL or vinyl, I still have my digital Dorrough meters and Flux Pure Analyzer which I find to be enough for that.