Info line in tempo editor?

When I used Cubase 8.5 and earlier, there was a line in the tempo editor, much like the info line in the key editor, where I could click on a point and see (and more specifically, EDIT) its corresponding tempo. This was really handy. After upgrading to 10, there have been a lot of things I had to re-enable–things I might have set years ago that I had forgotten about, like telling the key editor to show me the beginning and ending of whatever part I was editing. But one thing I haven’t been able to find is the info line in the tempo track, which I used to GREAT extent.

As of now, I can set “Current Tempo” (the one next to the little note icon), and it changes the tempo of whatever point comes immediately before the track position bar. However, there is nothing that shows me/lets me numerically enter a tempo if I want to do so at another point, not currently being hovered by the track position. I looked in setup, but found nothing pertinent. Perhaps there’s a keyboard shortcut I forgot about?

I started writing again today, and I’ve already found situations where this is inconvenient (attached). Is there something I’m missing, or did Steinberg do away with this feature? If so, I’m just a little baffled. I need a way to definitively know the tempo at any given point in a track, preferably when I’m setting it.

You need to turn info line on
Top right the square box with a line at the top


Click the button with the “box” on it that is just left of the gear icon in the upper right. If that’s not visible click the gear first to set it visible.

Thanks. I have a tendency to not see things due to a - let’s call it, “bizarre” - vision impairment.