Info line is WAY too big???

Just wondering why the HUGE info line (start, etc.) . The old one was fine. I understand wanting to make it more readable, but I think it’s now too wide. It takes up too much real estate.


I’ve been wondering about this too. Especially as they made the font a bit smaller. Not a biggie though.

Not sure what you mean exactly.

My info line looks the same as in 5.52.
Width is the full width of the project window…same as before.

I’m talking about the width up and down. I went from Cubase 4 to 6.

The old info Line was very narrow. New one seems to have too much unnecessary space in it.

For those of us who use a laptop on occasion, every millimeter of wasted space is a big deal.

You mean height, not width. height = width up and down :stuck_out_tongue:

Anyhow, I agree. I bitched when 5.5 came out. I still don’t understand why it has to be so freakin tall. You could literally cut the height in half without changing the fonts at all.

Any of you up for posting some screens shots of this for those of us who don’t have 6 yet?



Err…I already said it is the same as 5.5. Why do you need a screenshot when you have 5.5 already??

fzzzt. Oh. I see now.

What you need to compare it to is C4 or the original release of 5

The Transport Bar used to exactly cover the heighth of both the Overview and the Inforbar.
I use the Transport Bar because I have to, not because I like it …
On a computer screen every pixel counts.
What was the point of making that larger?