Info Line Offset?


I have a project and some of the tracks are showing an Offset on the Info Line. The part lengths are correct (eight bars) and begin and end on the correct measures, but show an offset of - on some tracks, and, there are similar but not identical Offset numbers on some other tracks (see screenshot of one track’s “offset”).

This offset appeared after the first eight measures were duplicated using the Range Tool (full vertical select) with the Grid Type set to Bars, Quantize value to 1/16ths.

I can’t find or don’t understand the Operations Manual on these “offsets” and could use some help understanding what’s going on here? I don’t want to get deep into an arrangement only to find that the parts aren’t lining up. This is a simple tune and the timing of the parts is critical to it working.

Thanks for any help on this.

Thanks for the reads, but I’m still in a quandary about “Offset.”

Here’s another example of a guitar audio track (screenshot). The info line shows the track starts and ends on the correct measures, its length is correct, and it sounds fine, but it shows an “Offset” on the Info Line? Why?

I’ve looked in the OM and all over, but find nothing that explains what’s going on here? Is this “offset” a result of the time-stretching algorithm? Other parts have different offsets but those, too, play correctly and have correct lengths and start-end times.

The “offsets” seem to show up when parts are duplicated using the Range Tool with Full Vertical Select, but offsets also appear on MIDI and Audio tracks when individual parts are copied using any of the normal functions. WTF? :wink:

So, in short does anyone know what is going on when an audio or midi track shows an “Offset” on the Info Line after recording or duplicating a Part?

Resizing an event causes an offset. You basically make it play earlier or later into it the event.

I guess some other operations besides resizing make it play from somewhere else than “0” inside the event. I wouldn’t worry too much about it.

Thanks for answering, and I think you’re right in that it isn’t something to really worry about. The parts do line up and playback as expected. I just wish there was some information about this in the OM. These particular parts were not resized, but I’ll look for Offsets when resizing. It’s only recently that I’ve noticed this happening on some tracks in some projects. I don’t want to run myself into a brick wall, but it seems safe to proceed with caution.

Have you noticed these “offsets” in your tracks, excluding any that were resized? Both audio and midi tracks show them for me after recording and after duplicating parts. I’ll keep hacking at it. Maybe check the tracks in the media pool more carefully for clues.

If it makes you feel any better, I’ve used Cubase now for 17 years and never understood the purpose of the Offset field in the Infoline.

If anyone has some ideas on what benefits it provides, I’m all ears.

It just offsets the start of the phrase
Adjust it and you will see.
As to how they got offset in the first place too many possibilities

Hi Stephen.

If you start recording a midi part from any position other than beginning of a bar you will get offset. Even though the part boundaries will snap ta bar afterwards.

With audio events it is most likely because of pre-record setting. Because offset is really just how far from beginning of the file the event starts.

With midi you can have both positive and negative offset, audio events only have positive offset.

Thanks for letting me know that. I’ll have to set aside time to dig into this a bit, but, it’s good to know this is not going to be a project killer. Regardless of Info Line Offsets being present, part lengths and start-end times of parts line up correctly to the measures. I can key edit parts that have info line offsets and don’t see any “offsets” in the key editor. Anyway, I’m glad after 17 years with Cubase this hasn’t presented a problem. But, as you’ve said in other posts, we’d like more information on many topics, in this case the info line, to be included in the documentation. :slight_smile: