Info Line sometimes disappears when adjusting volume,transpose etc.

Came across this issue on the latest CB 9.30 update.

Sometimes when I try to adjust the volume or transpose parameters, the info line disappears, forcing me to re-select the event so that it shows up again. This is really frustrating as it happens at random times.

This happens whether I’m using the scroll wheel on my mouse or when entering the data with the keyboard.

I was not getting this prior to the 9.30 update.

Is anyone else experiencing this? Mac or PC?


What event do you edit? An Audio Event in the Project window? Or MIDI Event in the Editor…?

What exactly do you mean, the Info Line disappear? Is it hidden? Do you have to show it again? Or is it black?

Does it disappear already while editing? So you move your mouse cursor over the Info Line, start to edit, and then the Info Line disappear?

Happens with both audio and midid events.

The info Line in the project window turns black/blank as if no events were selected.

Yep, that’s exactly what happens. It occurs when I hoer over with the mouse and or when I try to enter a value manually with the keyboard.

I trashed my preferences and so far it has not happened. Something probably changed when I updated to CB 9.30 and trashing the preferences solved the problem.