Info Line?


most of the time I keep Info Line hidden in the Arrange Window, but sometimes I need it and I hit Ctrl+I to see the info I want about selected event (Audio or MIDI), but Info Line shows nothing and I have to deselect the event and select it again to get the data about it.
In the Key Editor everithing works fine, if note is selected I open Info Line and see all the info immidiately.

Any comments?


Yes, I see the same thing happening. Would be nice if as soon as you unhide the info line, it would immediately show info for the selected item.

Same here too. Never really bothered me though. Good idea to have it display without reselecting.

Regards. :sunglasses:

I confirm this too.

… on Cubase Artist 8.0.0 x64, Win8.1 x64

Well, I’ll post in the issues forum.


Yes annoying