Information about recording pack

Hi friends, I dont know if this is the correct place for ask this: I want to buy the UR22mkII Recording Pack, but I live in Ecuador and I want to gift it to a friend that lives in Indonesia, my question: is possible that I can buy it by steinberg online store and it can be sending to Pekambaru-Indonesia?


ps. I am a owner of steinberg software but I can not access to online support from mysteinberg.

I´ve bought both past recording packs, the “Ultimate Cubase Recording Package” and the “UR22 Production Studio Pack” and i just got to say these are really good `til today. until today nothing to say against it, for that price. But i´ve bought it not from the Online Store of Steinberg, I bought these ones from other distributors.

Why you can´t access to the Online Support via your MySteinberg-Account?