Infuriating Media Bay Problem Has Returned - Duplicate Results

I used to have this problem in previous versions of Nuendo, and now with Nuendo 10.1 it’s BACK.

All my audio file results have duplicate results, the first always being no audio file.

(see screenshot)

This is a bloody nightmare as a sound designer, as it means literally half the results I get for any search are garbage, and those results are the ones that come up first.

Can someone PLEASE tell me how I can stop this behaviour?


How does this folder look like in the File Explorer? Could you show the location column? Is it really the very same location? What file types are these? Anything special in the folder (special formatting)? Is there only one MediaBay file in the folder?

The box where you select which type of media to show is blank in your screen shot. Mine always shows a selection no matter what combination I choose.

What happens when you select only Audio Files as the selection in that box? Does it show Audio Files or does it remain blank?

Again, that display always shows exactly what I selected no matter what the combination is unless it’s All Media Files. Yours being blank seems wrong.

I experience this only in the ‘right zone’ of the project window, no matter what the settings. My main mediabay window does not have this issue. Are you experiencing this in both?

Might be worth trying backing up your mediabay .db file, renaming it as a .bck file and re scanning your sample folder to see if it helps.

this is sadly not a bug, you must delete you’re media bay and have it rescan, file structure or something must have changed and a new proper scan was not performed. In fact in seems media bay in N10.1 might refresh way better changes in the file structure now.

Where do the database files I need to delete live? On Windows btw.


In every single MediaBay scanned folder, there is a dedicated file.

Is the file suffix unique to Media Bay?

If so, I would search my media drives for .xxx where “xxx” is the file suffix. Would save a ton of time.


I’m sorry, I was probably wrong. I just tried to add one folder as a scanned folder in MediaBay and it didn’t create an expected mediaBay.* file to the folder. It’s even not hidden.

But, in the Nuendo Preferences folder, you can find some useful files:
FileSysObserver.xml: MediaBay auto scan drives
MediaDefaults.xml: MediaBay column, list, attribute settings
MediaFactoryDefaults.xml: MediaBay factory defaults for “Reset”
MediaDefaults.xml: MediaBay settings
mediabay3.bin (former versions: mediabay.bin): MediaBay database
scannedFolders3.bin (former versions: scannedFolders.bin): MediaBay already scanned folders

Especially scannedFolders3.bin could help.