Inheriting metadata from FLAC to MP3 does not work

Sorry for beating this dead horse but searches in google and throughout this forum have not yielded a definitive answer. Batch Processing FLAC to MP3 is not inheriting any metadata to the output files. I have checked the box to inherit metatdata in the Audio File Format menu as described in the manual. I have also tried all 3 settings in the Format tab: “ignore”, “merge”, “replace,” all of which result in mp3s with no id3 tags /metadata inherited from the source FLAC files. I’m using Kid3 ID3 tag editor to verify the tags in both the source and result files. Traktor Pro 3 and VLC player are also not seeing any metadata from the resulting batch processed mp3s but can read the ID3 tags from the source FLAC files. Is this a Bug or limitation of Wavelab Pro 9.1.0 (Mac OS 10.12.6) or am I missing something?

FLAC metadata supported by WaveLab is not the same as MP3 metadata, hence there is no inheritance.

That makes sense, but what a shame, I’ll have to find another tool for this. Thanks for the reply.