Inital input To A MIDI Track Via Key Editor Or Score View

A someone who has just swapped from Sonar to Cubase, I’m curious. Is there any way to just start key-inputting notes into Score View or drawing notes in the Key Editor? This kind of thing is possible in Sonar with an empty MIDI track, just pull up the appropriate view and start inputting manually without first recording any MIDI with a keyboard. Don’t get me wrong, I’m LOVING Cubase already, and I realize that every DAW has different idiosyncrasies. Just wondering…

Dunno if you can do this in the score editor, but you can in the other editors.

Create a MIDI track in the project window. Draw in the track lane using the pencil tool. You can now either double click where you just drew, or select whichever editor you’d like to use from the MIDI menu.

Thanks Draconis, I didn’t think to try inline note entry, I had only tried the Key Editor and Score View. I’ll give it a whirl.

If I understand the question rightly - you want to input midi notes:

You can draw the notes in place in the key editor with the pencil tool - this is probably the easiest of all methods
You can “step input” the notes in key editor by playing them one at a time
You can record midi notes in all the editors in real time - as fast or as slow as you like
You can “step input” in score
You can draw the notes in place in score
You can write the details into the list editor - very slow this one, but possible especially for tricky bits with command changes

No, you have to create a part first regardless of the editor you use.


Thanks for chiming in. SteveinChicago has put his finger on what I’m asking. Inputting a note via mouse as the first note in a track. Once I have a track with notes, I have a handle on how to pull up the different views and do what I want.

If I understand SteveinChicago correctly, he says it’s not possible to do initial inputting via mouse. Draconis has suggested that it is possible by using the inline key editor in the Project view. I’ll have to test this today when I get the chance.

Thanks to all for your comments.

Regardless of editor you must create a part before you can enter anything into it. As you mentioned, you can record without creating a part.

I need clarification of what you mean by “create a part.”

If by “part” you mean a track, an empty track, that is understood. You can’t enter notes into a track that doesn’t exist. But if by “part” you mean notes in a track, then you appear to be saying that Draconis is incorrect, and even inline key editing requires prior recorded notes.

It’s Cubase nomenclature.

Midi events go in parts. If you record midi onto a track a part is created automatically.

Better than my explaining even further, read The Project Window chapter in the manual. You’ll grok the whole Cubase picture in about 10 minutes.

He’s being obtuse. When I told you to use the pencil to draw in the track? Well, that created a part. It was the easiest way to show you how to achieve what you were trying to do.

No. He is saying you need to create a part first. Using the pencil tool in the track area did exactly that.

You should still read the manual about it. :slight_smile:

Thanks both of you. I will follow up on your suggestions, including reading the manual.

OK, parts are MIDI event containers similar to Sonar’s clips.

And page 92 shows me how to create a part on a track in Project View without recording from a keyboard.

Thanks guys, you’ve directly and informatively answered my question.