Initial audio loss

Hi all,

I’m testing Cubase 6 with an eye toward switching from Logic. I’m on a brand new iMac (fast, lots of ram) and I’m trying out a Blue Yeti mic with it.

On playback, the lead in to any recorded audio is getting dropped, almost like there’s a bad noise gate. Any thoughts?

I don’t have another mic to test with at the moment, I’m in a new space and only have the bare minimum.

Thanks in advance for any help!

Sorry to hear about that issue. How much of the initial audio is getting dropped? Do you have compression on?

Completely dry. No effects, no compression, etc. The waveforms appear correct, it just seems to start playback about 1/8 second in. I was going to try to dump the audio to a mixdown and see if it’s just a playback issue, but I haven’t had a moment to do that.

What happens if you insert the HR22 (dithering plugin) to your master bus? Some D/A chips have gates that cuts the signal while receiving digital silence and can be troublesomely slow to open. On the other hand, Logic should also have given you the same problem, unless it has some kind of automatic dithering or you’ve switched hardware.


Discovered the problem…

Despite my earlier assertion, the track did indeed have the VSTDynamics insert. I had forgotten that I created this as a “Vocal and Piano” project.

Thanks all.

Great! The only reason I suggested that is because exactly the same thing happened to me last week. But I didn’t discover it till I played the CD! I’m not sure why it happened though … maybe too fast an attack/slow a release/and not enough make up gain? I’m only guessing.

Also - this may be helpful to you if you’re using a USB mic (Blue Yeti?) -