Initial Lyric Syllable offset when pasting in

Just saw something in Dorico Pro 4.3 I do not recall seeing before.
I have been copying lyrics from my text doc, running through Juicio Brennan for hyphenation, and then pasting them onto notes via the Lyric Tool as I have in the past.
In this case I alternate between characters, clicking on a note and pressing SHIFT+L before continuing to paste the lyric. From the diagram, one can see the first word/syllable attaches to the bar line instead of the eighth note selected before invoking the Lyric Tool. For some reason, it only affects the upper staff.


Of course I can move the syllable back manually, but I wanted to point out this unexpected situation.

It seems as if closing and re-opening the program may correct this. Still, puzzling. :man_shrugging:

I’m unable to reproduce this. If you can provide a reproducible case, I’ll be glad to look into it further.

I’m not sure how I can do that. I can send you the Dorico file and the lyric sheet with a list of the steps I used. Would that seem reasonable?

If you do those steps again and they reproduce the problem, yes, by all means send them to me. If they don’t reproduce the problem, there’s no point in sending the files to me, but if you encounter the problem again and then have a set of steps that allow you to reproduce the problem, you should send those steps and the associated project to me.

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