Initial MIDI Notes Lost in CB 8 Pro

I did a bunch of exports (audio mixdowns) yesterday - all projects were comprised solely of MIDI tracks driving soft synths. In some cases the first notes did not get recorded in the exported audio, although they were always audible when playing back in CB 8. The missing notes in the exported audio were always ones that started at the first possible position in the MIDI track. The workaround was to go into project options and set the bar offset to 1 which gave me an initial empty measure in the project.

As far as I know, I never experienced this when using CB 7.5. The last time I exported these exact same projects, many of them completely unchanged from the previous export, I used 7.5 and never had this problem even once. Anyone else experiencing the same? Should I report it as a bug? Looking for advice here.


The exported part is set by the Left and Right Locators (the Playback area isn’t). Make sure, your Left Locator is set to

Btw: it’s good praxis to start your song at 2nd or 3rd bar in general. The is somehow “shaky”.

The locator was at the very beginning, but thanks for the suggestion anyway, Martin.

As to the second point … lesson learned for all future projects. :smiley:

I get the same problem all the time.

We shouldn’t have to shuffle our projects around because the very start locator is shaky. It’s very frustrating.