Initial timpani tunings?

Is there a way to show the initial tunings for timpani? To make setting up timpani easier for the timpanist I would like to say how each drum is to be tuned and then the tuning changes.

This is probably your best bet, at present.

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Just seeing this a little more than a year later since it was answered and wondering if this is still the case (where I need to get Ambitus in order to do this) or if the latest Dorico has this function?

No, Dorico doesn’t have this functionality yet (at least not natively). Ambitus might still be a solution. For timpani, I sometimes just put a text item at the beginning of the score saying for example ‘Timpani in D, A’. In many cases, this is sufficient.

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I’ve done this by using Dorico’s flow feature and putting the incipits there. Works perfectly.