Initializing: core MIDI, cubase

Upon loading a cubase 5 le (I’ve also tried 7 elements trial version) session on a mac mini (late 2012), I always get frozen at this stage. :imp: Then it alerts me that core midi is not connected, and my DAW does not receive sound and configuring it to the I/O of my saffire pro 40 doesn’t work out, presumably as a result of this. The driver? it says unmapped ports for asio duplex drivers, but these asio duplex drivers aren’t an option when i try to select drivers. The options i get are HDMI, built in mac driver, and saffire driver. I don’t know what core audio is and I don’t know how to fix it. Summary: cubase is buggy and not immediately compatible with mac OS and focus rite mix control software. :blush:
Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, SHuggie

What operating system is your Mac on?

Go to Applications, Utilities, Audio MIDI Setup. Do you see anything listed here that you do not have connected to the system?

In Cubase go to Devices, Device Setup, VST Audio System, and select the Focusrite as your audio interface. Then start a new empty project and go to Devices, VST Connections. Verify that your Device Ports are connected to the Focusrite.

Sorry my post was a bit careless, Im in 10.9.2 OS mac, and with the saffire pro connected, cubase cannot initialise core midi when loading a session. With the saffire pro disconnected, cubase opens up smoothly. I managed to get the saffires input vst connections recognised by cubase, but the Outputs could not be configured. Ive read that this is an issue with some saffire pro 40 interfaces, and i will be sent a “dice tool” by focus rite to solve the problem of outputs not being recognised. Hope this helps anyone else with the same problem, I will report whether or not the problem is fixed. Thank you chriss, I’m not sure that i followed that exact procedure for vst setup, i followed a focus rite tutorial on youtube featuring a hideous pop band and staged lines.

Cubase LE5 has been discontinued for several years and is not supported for 10.9. That said, I would suggest checking out the Core2Audio information from[keyword_search]=CoreAudio2ASIO

Hopefully that and help from Focusrite might be able to get you up and running. Have a great weekend!

I simply open my Audio MIDI Setup in Utilities before I boot Cubase. That solves it for me.