Initializing Studio Manager - Annoying Open Dialog Box

When I open Cubase LE4, the program begins to load. After several seconds, an Open dialog box pops up. At this point, the status in the Cubase splash screen says, “Initializing: Studio Manager”.

What is Cubase looking for here? It won’t allow me to select any file, nor does it display the file type it is looking for. The only way to continue loading Cubase is to press the Cancel button.

Cubase LE4
Version 4.1.3
Windows 7

Thank you!

Not sure what’s going on with that. Have you re-initialized Prefs? There’s a Sticky at the top of the C5 and Earlier forum titled Troubleshoot Tips that contains a link that explains the process.

Thank you for the very quick response.

As you suggested, I re-initialized preferences. But that did not solve the problem.

Thank you again!