Initializing too many things....won't load!

Wondering if anyone has come across this…When I try to load my Cubase 5.5 it sits and initializes every file it can get it’s hands on!! It initializes Adobe files along with various others that I know it doesn’t need to. I let it load for 2 hours the other day and at the very end it gave me a 6304 error (I think that’s what it was). I’ve tried to google the problem but I can’t find anything on this exact problem. There were a couple of others that were kinda close, but they were able to load Cubase and initialization issues came afterwards! Anyone can point me in the right direction?

Many Thanks,

Mediabay’s trying to scan everything. Try trashing prefs. You might be able to clear some of the chaff via the Scanned Items file in Prefs if you know what’s what.

Cool, thanks for that. Could you tell me where to find the Prefs folder? Bearing in mind that I can’t actually load Cubase 5.5 so can’t do any adjustments in the enviroment itself. I couldn’t find it in the Prog\Stienberg\Cubase5 etc. path…Maybe it’s in the Application folder? I’ll check now. Any other insights are welcome! :slight_smile: