Inline Editing of Warp Markers in the Project Window

Hello Everyone. I’m relatively new to Cubase Artists 7.5. My last use of Cubase was with version 4 I believe. In any case I’ve recently bought 7.5 and am very much enjoying it. I didn’t realize how much I missed the Drum Editor ! Anyway, I have a question about being able to edit warp markers in line. What I mean by “in line” is within the Project Window as opposed to the Sample Editor. So, in my case I have two audio tracks on top of each other let’s say two lead voices as they might appear in a double tracked scenario. So in Logic or Pro Tools I’m accustomed to activating Flex Time, adding warp markers, and then adjusting them within the main project window.

However, it seems that in Cubase 7.5 Artist my only option is to accomplish these adjustments within the Sample Editor for each track separately. Is this correct ? I noticed that Cubase 7.5 Artist does not have multi-track group editing so I activated the trial of the Full Cubase 7.5 and got the two vocal tracks into a group and activated the group editing button. While I can then see my two tracks on top of each other I still cannot seem to make warp adjustments within that track window, (wherein both tracks are viewable simultaneously), but only in the sample editor for a specific track. I can definitely do cuts and move things around based on cut hit points in the grouped multitrack view though I would like to be able to manipulate the warp markers for either track and visually line them up vertically (I like to do surgical editing as opposed to relaying purely on quantize). In effect I am referring to the upper track, adjusting warp markers in the lower track to match or vice-versa. I know that I can use one track as a reference, create a groove template from it, and apply it to the lower track. However, I want more precision in this process and like to inspect each vocal event. Coming from PT and Logic I’m accustomed to doing it one way. I’m open to a different way because Cubase has lots of cool things but just need some direction.

Is this possible ? Please forgive my inexperience since I’m new though I wasn’t really able to suss this out even after watching some of the YouTube videos which all seem to relate purely to multi-track drum editing where they cut at hit points and do quantize with those. Best Regards,

Okay, I found an answer Cubase 7.5 doesn’t support editing of audio warp markers within the project window. I see that this has been requested in the Features section of the forum (see link below) by others.

I’m accustomed to being able to drag warp markers on the arrange page though in Cubase one must use the Sample editor. Thus it is challenging to make warp changes relative to other tracks and their associated waveforms, while all are visible, which is important for related parts (e.g. double tracked voices, guitars). I realize that quantize is an option and this is how I handled it back when I used an earlier version of Cubase - so I can do it like I did back then although being able to warp specific areas at a high level of granularity in relation to other tracks, all in real time, while being able to see those tracks together is something you miss once you’ve gotten used to it. Would be nice to see Cubase add this feature.