Inline, indented Flow Headings?

Not so much a feature request, more an idea for when the dev team gets bored somewhere in the far future. There are more pressing matters.
It would be cool to be able to make Flow Headings that don’t take up vertical space, but rather change the indentation of the system they’re attached to. I made the screenshotted example by using System Text, collision avoidance off & moving everything by hand. That sure got tedious after doing 24 orchestral parts like this with 8 flows each, though. And I really needed every mm of vertical space I could get so the regular Flow Headings were never an option.


Also very common in books full of (numbered) etudes, exercises, short songs… E.g. the very first hit when I search for ‘cello etudes’ on IMSLP.

This would be a lovely addition. There are organ editions that do this too; especially large compilations where there is a large “No. 8” with the title in smaller letters beneath it.

By the way: what font did you use for that mockup? I quite like it.

I suppose, if one was determined enough, you could have a “new” instrument for each flow and rename the instrument name as the flow header just as you want it. This would be a fair amount of effort however.

You can work round this for a solo piece by adding a divisi at the start each flow and changing the engraving options to get rid of the text you don’t want.

You have to pretend the solo player is a section player to be able to use divisi of course, but that doesn’t have any effect on the score formatting.

That idea should work for the parts, but it will make a mess of the full score.

Alegreya and Alegreya Sans SC :slight_smile:

Anyone know if there is are any updates on this potential feature?

This is a very important feature to me. divisi hack does not work for me for piano.

No, as yet we have not done any work on this, but it is something we would like to support in future.

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