INLINE: Settings and INLINE: Key Commands

What are these key commands for? I can’t get them to do anything and they aren’t referenced in the ops manual other than in the key command list mapped to Shift+F3 and Shift+F4.

They’re for mediabay.

Steinberg is weak on documentation, no doubt.

ahhhh … so it is. Thank you.

+1! Long time Logic user trying Cubase and I find the Cubase documentation VERY weak indeed. Its as if someone was just trying to just get it done - explaining what something does on the surface without giving any sort of useful information. Its really quite amazing!

Personally find Logic’s user manual MUCH better, which is odd as people aways complain Logic is harder to use. :slight_smile:

To be fair, Steinberg provides the forum where you can get those questions answered, and very frequently from actual tech support staff, and pretty quickly, whereas Apple “crowd sources” all that stuff.

Also, it’s the finding it in the manual that is sometimes difficult, once found the manual has the needed info, and of course there are third party books/tutorials too.

Anyway, back on topic… (I shouldn’t have posted that opinion! :laughing: )