Innocent (soundtrack)

Instuments ;
synth pad, piano , vocal , drums

constructive feedback would be greatly appreciated :sunglasses:

New link

Sounds fine on standard laptop speakers.


Hey Masoomi, it has a rich sound, although I think this one, like some of your others, sounds like part of a song. Let’s hear more!

Hi Early21
Thanks :smiley:
can you be a little more specific ?
like does it need an intro piece to set the mood before moving to the rest of the music…
though you should also consider the genre it’s made for which is probably a romantic/dramatic film’s score or like end title’s background music. so if you imagine that, does it still sound like a part of a music?
thanks in advance for your response

Hi Masoomi, I was just thinking about musical composition for a work assuming it stands alone. Not the case here, I understand, so no worries.

Thanks mate :slight_smile: