Input and Output busses go inactive


I have a recordplayer and 2 microphones as inputs to my UR44. Then an output to my mixer … then to speakers.

As soon as I start Cubase AI, the sound from my record player coming in stops. When I exit Cubase, the sound comes back again.

I noticed in the VST Sew=tup the record player’s input bus was inactive - I could not activate it so I created new input and output busses in VST Connections.

But …. then when I exit Cubase, it makes the busses “inactive” again ?

How do I fix this ?

Hi and welcome,

Make sure you are using other but ASIO driver in your “recordplayer” application.

Hi Martin,

I have no recordplayer application … it goes into UR44 and then out to mixer…


Is there an Audio track with the relevant input selected and Monitor switched on in your Cubase project?