Input and Output presets not coming up on different project loads

I’ve never taken the time to figure out where the input and output presets are stored in Cubase. Sometimes I open projects and the I/O Setup on the Connections tab that I spent time setting up on another project is not available to recall on the presets menu.

Where are the presets stored and anyone explain why presets are not making themselves available when loading older projects and templates?

I realise a lot of Cubase users have a 2 in 2 out box but my system is based around a 64 I/O MADI and complicated routing in studio so I/O presets important Steinberg!




The Audio Connections > Inputs/Outputs presets are stored globally in the preferences folder (Preferences folder\Presets\RAMPresets.xml).

The VST Connections > Inputs/Outputs settings is stored with the project. Studio setup is global.

Once you open a project, the VST Connections > Inputs/Outputs settings is loaded. If you create a new project after, the same VST Connections > Inputs/Outputs settings is applied (of the last project). If you want to apply your own “default” settings, make a preset with the preset name default. This preset will be always applied to a new project then.

Thanks Martin. If the Audio connections are stored Globally though why are they not appearing as an option when I make exisiting template selections and load existing projects? Its always been hit and miss here


Audio Connections are not stored globaly. Inputs and Outputs are stored in the project. Audio Connections presets are stored globaly.