Input bus

Hi there, how is it going?

I am a brand new member here and decided to start posting something just to get in touch with the forums members…

I have a question…:

  • How often you use to record takes with plugins inserted into the Input Bus, wich kind of plugs you use on it and why?

Thanks for receiving me…


I put the tuner in the input bus when tracking guitar and bass. Handy for comparing to my offline tuner. I’ve placed a compressor there once in a while.


You can’t undo the processing - this is a deal-breaker for me.

Also, a tuner will work fine in the normal channel inserts.

So you take no advantage of the possibility? In fact, you see no advantage… Is that right?

I am saying that because, when working with advertise music, it is a time saver… Specially when recording guitars… I just got my Guitar Rig inserted, choose a FX and it is done… I know I can put it into the recording channel and monitoring the same thing with the ability to change FXs if I want to… But I Hardly need to change something…

In other hand, when recording music for an artist, I prefer to process in a non-destructive way.

Even in this case, I like to use a de-esser to reduce my c414 sybilance (when recording vocals)… direct from the input bus.

I use (some) compression in the analog domain, before coming into Cubase, but I indeed see no advantage to printing digital FX or dynamics that cannot be undone. But, there’s no rules: if you’re confident enough (and proficient enough) and it gets the result you need, fine!

I’ve avoided plugins in the inputs long years. Now I often put UAD A800s (the Studer tape emulation) with light settings in there. Definately no damage though printed.

I find the input inserts very handy for time shifting plug-ins when tracking drums. I usually use Sound Delay from Voxengo, calculate and set everything in the first project of the session and save it as a template before the tracking starts to use with subsequent songs.


Personally, I have to hear a guitar tone when playing-it affects the way I play.

Inserting Guitar Rig, however, doesn’t print it-you can always change it later.