Input gain fader vanished in IOS 14.2

Hi, I‘ve got a big problem concerning the input gain fader.

I‘ve used to work with an Iphone 5 under IOS 12.4.9 and MusicStudio 2.11.

Everything worked fine, when I opened the Wave editor screen, the input gain fader was there on top of the input level, see pic:

Now with my new IPhone 8 under IOS 14.2 and MusicStudio 2.11, the gain fader has vanished, see pic in next post (there is only one pic allowed in this post because I‘m a new user).

I first though my new IPhone‘s mic was broken, but my son also has got an IPhone 8 with the same settings and there is also no gain fader.

This is very dramatic because I play the trumpet, which can be very loud.

The help manual says:

„The input gain fader is visible on top of the input levels only if your iOS device has input gain support“

Is it possible, that an IPhone 8 has no input gain support (and is therefore unable to make proper recordings) or is this a bug in MusicStudio.

Is anybody reading this??

Sorry for the late reply. I tested it on an iPhone 12 and the input gain fader doesn’t appear either, also not in other apps that allow you to set the iOS input gain. So I suspect that Apple removed input gain support for the iPhone’s internal mic either in an iOS update or in iPhone 8 (?) and later.

Anyway, the internal microphone isn’t ideal for instrument recording anyway. With an external microphone (that are designed for iOS devices) or audio interface connected, the input gain fader will likely show up again.

Okay, thanks for the answer.
Any suggestions for an external microphone?

iRig Mic Studio works great, but there are many alternative iOS compatible mics from other manufacturers, at lower and higher price points.

Or, if you already have a (non iOS compatible) microphone you could use any audio interface (like the Steinberg UR series), with the advantage of having hardware gain knobs, line inputs, possibly MIDI… :slight_smile:

Great, thanks!!
Also thanks for the great App, I‘m a professional trumpet player and teacher and this App allows me to record my students anywhere and anytime, which is much easier than to carry my laptop with cubase on it around.
I regularly record my students and make Christmas-CDs for them, which is always a great surprise for their parents on Christmas eve.