Input grid resolution controllers

Input tied to grid resolution does not work anymore (play tab).
When changing the resolution and using the draw tool to input events in cc lanes, the resolution is not corresponding to the events.
I tried it in Dorico 2 and there everything still works, what happened to regression testing?

Is it possible to set the input resolution for the midi controller lanes?

We’ve changed this in Dorico 3 to use a finer resolution, independent of the rhythmic grid, to allow freehand drawing of CC events to produce a finer discretisation. Can you say a bit more about why you require a much coarser rhythmic grid value than the one Dorico now uses (which is 16th note grid)? Is it that you need to ensure you only have a single CC event corresponding to the start of each note, or something else?

Ok, it’s just sometimes you don’t need a fine level of detail and an eight note or even quarter note will do. Very fine levels mean more points (events) to tweak, but of coarse you can always redraw or erase some events.

In the case of an external midi controller, the recorded events are 64 notes, if I’m correct. So then the only option is to redo?

Will the time track editable by an external cc controller?

You mean if you record from a fader or rotary control on your MIDI device, the data goes in at a grid resolution of 64th notes? If so, yes, that’s correct.

At the moment you can’t edit the time track with an external controller, but we would certainly like to provide some more direct real-time control over the time track, probably with some kind of “tap tempo” feature that will allow you to specify the beat unit you’re going to tap, then interpreting each incoming MIDI event as a beat and converting the interval between each event into time. But this is not something we’re likely to be working on imminently.