Input issue for the Audio track (From Another Bus)

I am newb in the Cubase and I have a problem to record from a Addictive Drum v.2 VST to an audio file.
I have Windows 8 computer with Cubase Elements 7.
Here what I do and my settings:
1 - New Project with the Addictive Drum loading and a MIDI drum file (in a MIDI track)
2 - Activating all the outputs in VST Information dialog box.
3 - in vst program, selecting separate out for each tracks (Kick, snare, … )

Now I have perfect sound and everything is running. I want to record each individual tracks (about 10 tracks) into audio tracks, so I can have separate audio file for all the drum parts.

For this:
1 - I am creating output bus (exactly in the number of the drum tracks with including the Mono/Stereo)
2 - Create Mono/Audio tracks respectively equal to the number of output buses and drum tracks.

I should now select this routing in the mixer: (for example Kick Track)

1 - VST track routing must be selected to the Kick output bus.
2 - input of kick audio file must be selected “kick output bus” so I can record the drum part.

Here is the problem: I cannot select the kick output bus in the input of audio track.
I am doing exactly based on the video tutorials in the Youtube.
Am I doing missing something and being stupid or is there problem in the process?

Thanks guys