Input latency, but only in one project. No issues were present until I rebooted

System spec:

CPU: i5-11500
RAM: 16Gb @ 3200Mhz
Windows 10 Pro
Running everything off SSD
OS was freshly installed this week, as was all software

Interface: Axe I/O from IK Multimedia

I was working on project yesterday, and experienced no issues. The same project today is now giving fairly substantial input latency, and this is with no changes at all. I literally switched on, plugged in, and instant lag.

The project only has four audio tracks, two instances of EZ Keys, and one instance of Superior Drummer 3. If I create a new project, I get no input latency at all. I also went back to my initial project and deleted everything. I removed every VST and deleted every track. When I added a single track, and tried to monitor what I was playing, there was input latency again. Whatever this is appears to be specific to this project.

I’ve checked the control panel for my interface, and the buffer is set to 512 in both projects. I’ve checked the studio setup settings in both projects, and they’re both the same:

I’m totally lost as to how this can be project specific, especially as I went into the project I’m having this issue with, and deleted everything from it, but there was still a latency issue. As I said at the start, nothing changed in the project between the two days I was working on it.

EDIT: Forgot to add that there are no issues at all with play back. This is strictly when plugging in my guitar and hitting the monitor button.


Do you use any plug-in on the Stereo Out channel? If yers, try to bypass it, please.

Hi Martin,

I did have an instance of Ozone 9 running on the master track, but I had bypassed it already, and the latency was still there. However, removing the plug in completely did get rid of the latency. I find it odd that bypassing it wasn’t enough.