Input level (metering)


I have a few things wich i’d like to see improved in the next version.

1- Input level (metering) on Audio track when the the rec arm is on even with the input monitor off. We can do it on every DAW except cubase.

2- The ability to delete and add tracks from mixer view window. I just don’t understand why we can’t do it…

Thank you,

Hi and welcome to the forum,

This is possible. Tight-click the meter > Global Meter Settings > Meter Position > Input.

This has been request many times here on the forum. Add your +1, please.

for security… if this would be possible many tracks get deleted by accident…


I don’t think so. You can delete the tracks from the Project window. Of course, you have to confirm, you want to delete the tracks. The same could work in the MixConsole, there is no really reason, why not.

Btw, @Gustavo_Dinis, you can Add Track in the MixConsole window. Right-click and select the Add Track… option from the drop-down menu.

Hi Martin.

In my first topic i was asking if its possible to be able to have input metering on arrangement window just with the arm record button on. in Ableton, for example, just with arm rec you have metering in a grey color and as you click on input monitoring it turns green. Here in Cubase we don’t have visual feedback at all. This would be great for my workflow.