Input management?

I’m using H4, Elements6. My output goes from Elements to H4 to my PA. When it’s all running and I have guitar hooked up, I can always hear it. To manage it’s volume, I’ve been turning down the input volume on the H4. There must be an input control in Cubase though?
I would like to set it up so that I only hear the guitar when I have a track selected I’d like to play through. I can hear guitar while no tracks are selected, even while Cubase is off. So, when I turn on the monitor button on the track I’d like to test, I can hear both signals.

I Take it you are talking about the Zoom H4!

From the manual.

“Regardless of the record/playback condition of
the DAW software application, the input signal
can always be monitored at the H4.”


“If the DAW software application has an echo
back function (input signal during recording is
supplied directly to an output), this must be
disabled when using the H4. If recording is
carried out with this function enabled, the
output signal will sound as if processed by a
flanger or delay effect”

So it looks like you cant switch of “direct monitoring” of the H4s input so you’re stuck with it.

Thank you. I realize now that the direct out is straight from the Zoom. So I have guitar input to the H4 and it sends two signals. One to DAW and the other directly to PA. The problem I and many others have run into, is all in the hands of Zoom.
They need to change their software to out put the DAW’s signal, but then you run into latency problems. I may have to look into some other interfaces.
All this would be so much better if I could use computer’s AISO (instead of Zoom’s).

Try ASIO4All.

It’s not a driver problem, it’s hard wired in the Zoom H4. inputs to outputs.